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Hi everyone and welcome to my The Site Fights page

I consider myself very lucky to be involved in such a great organization and to be with the great people that also belong there. In case you don't know, The Site Fights is an internet website competition. You join a team and you become an active participant in your team's activities. You end up getting involved with wonderful people, promoting your site, and learning all about The Site Fights Spirit.

I'm a member of The Starfighters (team 13) and I've loved every moment of it. I entered my original website and I had a great time fighting. I was a wee one and spirit for them and now I am Fairy for them. I love watching those wee ones *S*.

Proud to be a Starfighter


Made by DStarla.

I took DPledge ... shouldn't you?

I'm also on the Atlantis team ... Go Atlantis!

The spirit is probably the best part of being involved with The Site Fights. You can become not only a Fighter, Deputy, Fairy, Wee One, but a friend in a great group of people. I think that is another wonderful thing about The Site Fights' spirit; it can bring people together and guide you on your journey. Everyone has the spirit within, but you have to reach deep within yourself to find it. That's why I love to spread the spirit with everyone, because it's one of the greatest gifts you can give. Why don't you go share your spirit today?!


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