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Hello and welcome to Spirits page! Spirits are very special individuals at The Site Fights. We spread spirit and the message of TSF everywhere we can. It's a lot of fun being a Spirit and I think that it's a great way to help others.

The best way to share the Spirit is to pass a spirit stick around. Here are a couple that I offer to you.

Please take at least one if you don't have one yet ...

I've been a Spirit since the beginning of June '99 and I am Spirit Zelani!

I was Featured Spirit for the week! Thank you so much!

I was just made Spirit of the week! (10-3-99) Thank you so much!

Spirit of the Week

Since there are now so many Spirits in DRealm, Spirits have teams to spread spirit with new fighters by dusting them. :)

Spirit Teams (this week)

Starfighters Spirit Team

I was a Starfighters Spirit until November 1, 1999 when I became Spirit Leader for Fantanthia, DRealm of Dreams. **Then Fantanthia had a transformation into Atlantis - The Lost City**

~*Atlantis Spirits*~

Made by DStarla .

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