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Hello and welcome to my cheers page!

These are some simple cheers I came up with a while back. I'm definitely going to add a ton more when I have the spare time.

The Starfighters lead us into the future.

Whether they're on a distant world

or speading the spirit at home,

The Starfighters will show us the way.

So let your spirit be heard loud and clear

throughout time and space, because

The Site Fights are always the right place!

Go S*T*A*R*F*I*G*H*T*E*R*S


Spead the Spirit Star Fairies and Wee Ones!

We can show the way!

Soaring high above the clouds,

all is clear.

The best way to show your spirit

is to shout it LOUD!

Flying far within the stars,

the duty we know is ours.

The Starfighters lead the way

to future.

Speading the spirit every way we can,

the Star Fairies and Wee Ones have a plan.

Go S*T*A*R*F*I*G*H*T*E*R*S!

Spreading spirit throughout the galaxy,

The Starfighters know their mission and

take pride in it.

The spirit and its message of friendship can

defeat even the most powerful enemies in

dangerous space.

But no one's really the enemy.

If we all share the spirit with everyone,

we can make a difference.

So, let's look to future like The Starfighters do

and come together in fun and friendship.

Go S*T*A*R*F*I*G*H*T*E*R*S!!!!!

The Starfighters have the right idea.

Their way is the friendship of the future!

Making the universe strong with their spirit,

The Starfighters set the example for all!

~* GO S*T*A*R*I*G*H*T*E*R*S!!!! *~

Soaring at the speed of light,

A newfound spirit takes its flight.

With some help from a guiding force,

The spirit travels its course.

When shared with others it grows,

The friendship involved forever shows.

Catch the spirit while you can,

Because the win it flies on know the plan.

GO S*T*A*R*F*I*G*H*T*E*R*S!!!!!

While on the ground or in the sea,

The Site Fights is the place to be.

No matter how far you go,

The spirit within will always show.

Let the spirit carry you away.

Where you go, you'll want to stay.

A realm of frienship will prevail.

The spirit's gift will never fail!

~* GO S*T*A*R*F*I*G*H*T*E*R*S!!!!! *~

It's the spirit running through you your body.

Do you feel it in you heart?

That's the friendship that we share.

Do you know what you should do?

Shout it out and be proud.

Let the spirit be heard aloud!

GO S*T*A*R*F*I*G*H*T*E*R*S!!!!!

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