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From the moment I was born, Iíve been completely obsessed with Science Fiction. One of my earliest memories was watching, ĒJourney to Babel,Ē an original Star Trek episode. So as a very young child in the early 80ís I watched a lot of Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Max Hedrom, Lost in Space and too many more shows to list. I remember staying up until 11:00PM on September 9, 1987, to see the pilot of Star Trek: The Next Generation. That was a big deal to me, anyway. I love TNG! As the Eighties transitioned the Nineties, I found even more to love. Earth 2, Seaquest DSV, Plymouth (it never made it past the pilot), and others were all starting to occupy my time. Then in 1993, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered and there went my free time. (I know that title doesnít apply anymore because there is too much information to assimilate, but until about 1997 I was known as ďThe Star Trek Encyclopedia.Ē back in the day Ö he he) I know I saw the premier of Babylon 5: The Gathering in 1992, but my involvement with that show came much later. In í94, I saw the end of TNG and I was pretty depressed about that. Oh well, life goes on (Do I have a life?!). I enjoyed Star Trek: Voyager when it went on the air in 1995. Okay, so I have a thing for Star Treks thatís obvious. Then in January of 1998, I stumbled upon Babylon 5 and loved it from day one. I was sad to see it go off the air in 1999, but I had enjoyed the time I spent with it and I made a ton of great online friends through it. In May of í99, Deep Space Nine went off the air, but very quickly after it Crusade started on June 6th. Iím happy that I do get to view the first 13 episodes, but I hope someone picks it up so syndication or something. That show deserves a chance. Iíve mainly talked about television shows, but I love basically every Sci-Fi movie ever made. I also like to read books and comic books in that genre. I guess itís just a part of me thatíll always be there.

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