eigth noteHello and welcome to my music.

quarter note All my life I've had a love of music. I love to listen to tons of

different types of music. I started out with a limited appreciation

of music, but time and extra classes further in the field have

opened my eyes to the many wonderful and unique sounds there

are out there. The types of music I listen to are the following:

Alternative Baroque Big Band Blues
Christian Classical Classic Rock Creole
Dixieland Expressionistic Funk Hard Rock
Heavy Metal Impressionistic Instrumental Jazz
Medieval Metal New Age New Wave
Oldies Opera Punk Reggae
Renaissance Romantic Rock 'n' Roll Rhythm & Blues
Showtunes Speed Metal Swing and more =)

I know that was a lot. Are you still with me? I hope so!

I also love to perfom music. I've played the flute since 1991,

I've sang since 1993, I've played the electric and bass guitar

since 1996, and I've played the keyboard on and off throughout that

time. Oh, and I'm always looking to at least try new things.

(If you know me and know something I forgot, please tell me.)

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